Automatic Time Tracker - disable

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Automatic Time Tracker - disable

Postby nriedman » 03.04.2012, 14:25

I have purchased and installed the automatic time tracker plugin and can see its use, but for the time being I would like to disable this feature. Can you guide me as to how to do this? I placed this in the feature request section because I was wondering if you found it advantageous to enable the time tracker by username. Meaning if user 1 logs in and doesn't have the time tracker checked on his profile, it doesn't automatically pop up. However if user 2 logs in and it is checked, they will see the auto time tracker window.

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Re: Automatic Time Tracker - disable

Postby Philipp » 04.04.2012, 18:44

I will improve this in a future version of the autotimetracker.
I agree that automatically opening it for every user on every login may not be always optimal.

to completely disable the auto timetracker open /templates/standard/index.tpl and find line 480, reading:
Code: Select all

and remove it.
Then the automatic popup for the timetracker is disabled.

However, you can still manually open the auto timetracker widget by accessing http://your_domain.com/path_to_collabtive/ttwidget.php in the browser.

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Re: Automatic Time Tracker - disable

Postby inmemento » 05.04.2012, 12:36

i think its better to give some USER Roles the permission for the time tracker.

Not all User must use or seen the Timetracker module.
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