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Admin Privileges

PostPosted: 11.02.2015, 00:32
by andrews
Is there any way for admin users to be able to view everything on all projects?

It appears this has been discussed in the past, but never resolved except in mods to older versions. I would rather not have to add myself to each project, since I also have projects that I work on independently.


Re: Admin Privileges

PostPosted: 11.02.2015, 10:22
by Philipp
Assigning yourself to each project is currently the only way to do this.

Re: Admin Privileges

PostPosted: 12.01.2016, 08:13
by LesterL
Hi Philip,

Is this somewhere in the roadmap for upcoming releases? It's a bit odd that an administrator would not have access to view/edit the projects without being added to the project itself. I tried using an admin account and go to 'Project Administration' but I cant get to access the project.

Is there any way to have a specific user/role to become a default owner of the project upon creation? Default being not having to be added manually to a project.


Re: Admin Privileges

PostPosted: 17.01.2016, 16:41
by Eva
Within the project administration you can assign yourself to any project.
Just click the tiny downward-pointing arrow and check you username, then save.

We are not planning to change this very soon.