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Users login session tracking time

PostPosted: 31.12.2015, 06:49
by abzal
Hi All!

I am new to php and this kind of a software. It runs perfectly on my side, but I would like to add one more feature to it as:

Once user logins it, he clicks on button or system automatically saves the timing of loginned in.

Or better if there would be a button when user clicks it runes a timer who many hours he is working, thats needed to collect how many hours worker worked in the end of the month.

please let me know if there is such function or please advice me how to develop it :)

Re: Users login session tracking time

PostPosted: 02.01.2016, 07:24
by Eva
Hi there,

this feature is available as a plugin for a small one-time fee.
You can learn more about our plugins and order them here: