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Looking for developer

Postby teva » 14.05.2016, 07:07

Hi all

Are there any developers, that are willing to do some custom work?

Here's what i need

I need task/milestone dependecies, where one task can depend on another in same milestone or another in the same project. Idea is that depend only on start/end date. If i change one task end date for +2 days, all depended tasks dates are also changed to +2 days (start and end)

Milestone 1 > Task 1.1 (start 5.5 end 10.5.)
Milestone 1 > Task 1.2 (start 10.5. end 15.5)
Milestone 2 > Task 2.2 (start 15.5. end 20.5)

User changes end time of Task 1.1 from 10.5. to 11.5.
Task 1.2 changes start 11.5. end 16.5. (so +1 day)
Task 2.2 changes start 16.5. end 21.5.

Also...email is send that time was changed to all users that are added to all tasks that are changed.

Same thing for milestones. If they are depended start/end time changes accordingly.

Gantt chart (i will purchase it), will also had to show these depended tasks.

Thank you
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