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Re: Joomla Component

PostPosted: 02.02.2008, 01:23
by Philipp
sunil2rao wrote:Hi there..
Downloaded it today and started using it immediately. Very easy on the brain as well as eye. Thank you.
Was wondering if we could turn this into a joomla component. The user information would be part of the joomla with community builder profile. Just the project Administration will be in the front end and the rest would be in the back end.

Thanks again.



i don't think that we as the developers of Collabtive will provide integration into 3rd party tools (like Joomla).
We will focus on improving Collabtive by adding needed functionality , for the foreseeable future.

Once Collabtive leaves beta stage, we might well provide 3rd party integration.
Until then, it's not a priority for us.

But Collabtive is Open Source software. So you are free, and in fact we encourage you to, develop such integrations in 3rd party applications yourself.