Review the project creation work flow

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Review the project creation work flow

Postby jawn » 20.03.2012, 21:25

Just to give you an idea, I mapped out the current state of the desktop homepage after identifying a slight usability issue in terms of the way the content is currently displayed.
Here are the concepts I'm working on just to give you an idea.

Current homepage state (general idea)
- Mixed projects of all sorts
- Hard to manage on medium-large scale

Suggested modification (general idea, excludes time tracking part)
- Projects per client/project profile
- Easier to manage on a medium-large scale

Things I didn't add in the diagram but was thinking of:
- Pin specific client/project profiles
- Ability to specify a category or tag to a project
- Browse projects by category, latest projects added, by name or by nearest deadlines

I haven't reworked the time tracking aspect of it yet, but it basically suggests to add a "global" time tracking for things like calls, emails, meetings, etc, things that sometimes don't have deadlines. The current time tracking model is more based on a linear production path, whereas a lot of projects have unexpected twists and turns that can't be specifically tied to expected tasks and billable hours. Which is another option that should be added when tracking time, an option to specify if the time entered is billable or not.

Anyways, that's about it for now. I hope you find my contribution useful and hopefully it will give you a helping hand the development of your application.
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