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Notification for task assignment

Postby KamyarKh » 19.01.2015, 07:30

Hello Collabtive fans!
Searching the word "task" I haven't found any useful data for my question:
"Does Collabtive inform users via Email when a task had been assigned to them?"
I checked it and the result was nothing! No email received!
I Also checked the plugin page for Collabtive, but nothing found about this matter!

Any solution, idea, guidance?
Thank you all.
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Re: Notification for task assignment

Postby Eva » 19.01.2015, 14:13

Collabtive does send an email in this case, unless you assigned the task to yourself.
Additionally you have to make sure that the mail notifications are enabled, the settings correct and that there is an email address in the other user's profile.
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