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Slow Performance

PostPosted: 18.01.2018, 16:02
by ywlee

We are on Collabtive 2.1 as we purchased the plugins for 2.1.

We are experiencing very slow response from the system for one of our projects. This particular project has around 15 users, 10 milestones, and around 40 tasks.

It takes between 10 to 15 secs for every action to be save eg new comment, new task, etc

Strangely, on the other projects on the same installation with fewer users/milestones and tasks we do not experience any issues.

We have optimised the MySQL DB table but this does not help.

As we are on a shared server, the PHP memory etc is determined by the hosting provider. However the CPU load and the memory seems to be fine.

How can we improve the performance? Will migrating to a dedicated server make a difference or its just the way the memory is used in Ver 2.1?

Re: Slow Performance

PostPosted: 29.01.2018, 17:13
by Eva
This is one of the major improvements of Collabtive 3:

More Responsive User Interface

The Collabtive UI has been re-engineered using modern JavaScript rendering technology.
It loads faster and enables a more reactive user experience.
Page reloads have been minimized in favor of asynchronous loading and rendering of data.
Likewise, the creation of projects, tasks, etc. is now asynchronous.
The new UI rendering system also lays the foundation for more improvements in future releases.

Collabtive 2 sometimes had performance issues with bigger projects, but this should be fixed with an upgrade.
You are entitled to a 50% discount on an upgrade of your plugins, btw.