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[SOLVED] Turn a field invisible

PostPosted: 30.01.2018, 20:09
by bondash
Could you please provide me with an example in how to make the field "Salario" invisible.

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I tried changing the file : edituseradminform in the standar templates like this:

Code: Select all
<tbody class="color-b">
                                          <!-- <td><label for="rate">{#rate#}:</label></td> -->
                                          <td class="right"><input type="hidden" class="text" value="{$user.rate}" name="rate" id="rate" /></td>

But I had no luck with that attempt.

Re: Turn a field invisible

PostPosted: 04.02.2018, 20:10
by Eva
This should be working, I think. Maybe you need to empty your browser cache for this to be loaded. Also delete all files from your webserver's Collabtive's ./templates_c folder. Then renew your login. :)

Re: Turn a field invisible

PostPosted: 05.02.2018, 23:54
by bondash
It work. Thank you