Tagging Explained?

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Tagging Explained?

Postby warters » 02.08.2008, 03:36

How does tagging work in Collabtive?
What items can we tag, and how to we use them to filter content?
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Re: Tagging Explained?

Postby Philipp » 09.08.2008, 03:26

At the moment you can tag:
* Users
* Files

The most important tags are then display on the project page of each project to browse them.
You can also click on the tags in a file listing, or user profile to get all objects for the respective tag.
Tagging is simply a way to thematically group objects like files or users, and browse them lateron by these categories.

Tagging will be extended in future release, to objects like projects and tasks.
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Re: Tagging Explained?

Postby warters » 10.08.2008, 02:45

Thanks Philipp. What a nice addition to the feature set!
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