Where is 0.7.5??

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Where is 0.7.5??

Postby Eliteoomph » 09.02.2012, 10:01

I am having problems with 0.6.1 I cant add a project or edit my user... nothing... I saw in another post that there was a 0.7.5 version. I just downloaded it today, if there is a newer version why does it has the old one at collabtive.com? Where is 0.7.5? I can't find it anywhere...
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Re: Where is 0.7.5??

Postby Eliteoomph » 09.02.2012, 11:10

I found after searching for it on Google, uploaded it and it is working... They really need to add 0.7.5 to Collabtive.com...
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Re: Where is 0.7.5??

Postby Eva » 09.02.2012, 12:33

Collabtive.com is owned by somone who has absolutely nothing to do with us. It is NOT an official Collabtive website!
Try this one for official information: http://www.collabtive.o-dyn.de/index.php
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Re: Where is 0.7.5??

Postby Philipp » 09.02.2012, 15:58

collabtive.com is, sadly, operated by spammers.
Don't use collabtive.com

Use collabtive.DE or collabtive.o-dyn.de or our mirrors at Sourceforge or Google Code

This way you'll make sure that you not only always get the latest version, you also make sure that the archive you download hasn't been tampered with..
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