Task dependencies/relationships and general project feedback

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Task dependencies/relationships and general project feedback

Postby Boris » 22.02.2012, 01:58

... such as "depends on", "blocks", "requires", "depreciates", "alternative to", "conflicts".

I mentioned this previously in my review of 0.6.4 here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4025#p8858
support for custom TASK RELATIONSHIPS: related, depends on, blocks, depreciates, affects ....

This seems to be one of the more popular feature requests (6 related postings):

Philip previously said:
Boris wrote:
Philip wrote:support for custom TASK RELATIONSHIPS: related, depends on, blocks, depreciates, affects
....This would be very cool to have. However, it's also hard to do right.

Also, I'd like to point out another point that I made earlier:

Boris wrote:Still, I would like to point out that I found it particularly weird to see that the Collabtive project itself is not publicly managed using Collabtive itself, instead it seems that phpBB is sort of "abused" to emulate many of the core features that Collabtive already provides.

Normally, one might expect that Collabtive would be a far more suitable tool for project management than a number of phpBB forums (i.e. issue tracking)?

To be honest, I think that would seem like a desirable long term goal: make Collabtive sort of "self-hosted" by managing the whole project publicly using Collabtive itself. In a way, it's all about eating your dog food. I am convinced that pursuing this strategy would make for a fairly impressive demo of Collabtive, illustrating all its features - so that users can directly participate and contribute to the project by using Collabtive for providing feedback about Collabtive itself.

It's surprsing that there's apparently no publicly accessible version of Collabtive used for public issue tracking.
The phpBB forum is all nice and dandy, but it's not really the most logical thing to use for project management, especially in a project that is all about project management.
It would seem that this project could benefit rather significantly from switching to Collabtive to manage itself.
It seems to me, that this would wouldn't require too many modifications actually, i.e. providing an option to allow users to browse a public object.

Finally, I find it somewhat unfortunate that apparently there's still no public roadmap so that people can get involved more easily. The google code issue tracker is obviously a good and useful thing, but my impression is that collabtive would be so much better and frankly superior in comparison.

My 2 cents.

Anyhow, thanks again to all the people involved in this project

PS: Another thing I noticed is that it wouldn't harm to be a little bit more proactive about your own offerings (i.e. commercial offers and services, such as custom plugins etc) - this could be easily accomplished by adding a dedicated tab to collabtive by default, so that new users would immediately see that there are commercial services available if required. You guys seem to have a great product here, but you don't seem overly eager to actually promote it properly. Advertising your own products and services (related to collabtive) would seem like a dead simple and effective thing to do?
- Boris
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