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Download file issue (OSX safari)

PostPosted: 27.08.2014, 17:06
by dgintor
Hi, I'm unable to download a word document in the files section (collabtive 2.0). I was using Safari on macbook pro.

my solution was to comment out the following line of code in managefile.php
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header("Content-length: $fsize");

Anyone with macbook or apple computer having this issue?

Re: Download file issue (OSX safari)

PostPosted: 10.11.2014, 21:04
by wanga68
Thanks for the information.
I had the same situation but I was using chrome. Whenever I wanted to download a file, it would start downloading, but never finish. I tried your fix, and now it downloads fine. I believe it was doing this on all browsers. It started doing this after the upgrade to V2.0.