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Re: Corrupt files after uploading

PostPosted: 03.11.2014, 14:08
by Serkol

It was the encryption... actually it was lines 146-147 for me... anyway

I removed the following line with 2 forward slashes from 'managefile.php'

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//$myfile->encryptFile($file["tmp_name"], $settings["filePass"]);


Although I have only tested it on IE and my iphone so far.

Is there a reason for so much encryption? I mean if they are stored on my server arent the files fairly safe anyway? :?:

Thank you again for helping me disable the encryption, it now works just how I want :mrgreen:

Re: Corrupt files after uploading

PostPosted: 06.11.2014, 02:34
by davidgarcia0001
I followed your instruction without any luck. I sent you a private message.

Remiguel wrote:@davidgarcia0001
I send you a private message with instructions. Do you have tried them?

Check your database first. In setting table have a look to be sure you haven't any double password under "filePass".

Re: Corrupt files after uploading

PostPosted: 13.11.2014, 04:25
by davidgarcia0001
I have tried the solutions in this thread and I have not had any luck decrypting the files. I am willing to pay someone to help me decrypt the files. Please send me a private message if you are willing to help solve this problem.

Re: Corrupt files after uploading

PostPosted: 19.11.2014, 23:50
by Remiguel
Hi David

I assumed you were a Spanish speaker, sorry for my private message in Spanish. Here are my questions translated so that I get a starting point to try to provide you with support:

Do you have direct access to the Collabtive database?
Do you have more than one password under "filePass" in the setting table?
Do you have issue by opening some files or all are affected?

Re: Corrupt files after uploading

PostPosted: 26.11.2014, 13:50
by onda
Followed all steps not to encrypt when updating, however having lots of issues while trying to display images and open .pdf, meaning some open some don't or taking along time. any ideas?

Re: Corrupt files after uploading

PostPosted: 02.09.2020, 12:34
by safdar78
Philipp wrote:The method upload() in class.datei.php is only for legacy browser support and rarely used (IE7/8/9 basically).
All other browsers go through uploadAsync() , which doesnt do any encryption at this stage. I will refactor this as soon as i remove IE7/8/9 file support :P

Instead actual encryption is done in managefile.php line 77
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   //encrypt files in their tmp location
       $myfile->encryptFile($file["tmp_name"], $settings["filePass"]);

Remove this line.

Also read this: ... 188#p24914

Basically with Collabtive 2.0 you need to log in and download a file from the web interface to open it.
You can not open it directly in the upload directory of Collabtive with a filemanager, or download it with FTP.

Safari, Firefox (Mac OS), Internet Explorer (Win) can not open files (tested with pdf, doc and docx files) after download!

Only chromium (Mac OSX) works up to now successfully!

I can't confirm the problems on windows. However there are 2 known bugs:
* You can't use the links from file-uploaded mail notifications - they point to the encrypted files
* Upload in IE7/8/9 is broken (and will be removed next release)