[2.1.1] [SOLVED] Email Notification Issues @ GoDaddy

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[2.1.1] [SOLVED] Email Notification Issues @ GoDaddy

Postby Dustin » 24.10.2015, 01:43


Currently having problems getting the email notifications to work with GoDaddy shared hosting. I have tried every possible setting combination I can think of with no luck.

I've also read several older threads on the issue, followed their advice, with no luck.

Current settings are:

Status: ON
Sender Email: (valid email)
Sender Name: (name of my choosing)
Method: PHP mail ()
Server: smtpout.secureserver.net (I have also tried "relay-hosting.secureserver.net", "smtp.secureserver.net", "smtp.mydomain.com" and "smtpout.mydomain.com" with no luck).
SMTP Username: (same email address listed in Sender Email setting)
SMTP Password: (password, retyped multiple times, changed several times)

I get no errors, and no emails. I've also tried recreated the "tmp" directory under the Collabtive install as suggested by 1 thread.

We have shared hosting through GoDaddy, but pay separately for GoDaddy's Workspace Email. I think this is why I am having issues, but cannot figure out what my settings should be. Any ideas what is causing this to not work?

I tried to contact GoDaddy, but was unable to get through as they had "no available agents due to high volume of calls". Same in chat. Thanks in advance.
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Re: [2.1.1] Email Notification Issues @ GoDaddy

Postby Eva » 31.10.2015, 01:30

Normally this should work quite reliably as long as you use PHP mail() - regardless of the other settings.
Are you sure that you are testing this in a place where you should receive a notification? Because if you add a task and assign it to yourself, you will not receive one.

You could test this with a second account / user, to whom you then assign a project, a task, etc.
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Re: [2.1.1] Email Notification Issues @ GoDaddy

Postby Dustin » 05.11.2015, 19:56

Thanks Eva. I was trying with multiple users.

I was finally able to resolve the issue by going to our GoDaddy Webhosting Control Panel -> MX Entry

Changed the webhosting setting from "Local Mail Exchanger" to "Remote Mail Exchanger"

and then deleting the MX Record *at the bottom of that same page*. Everything started working immediately following that.

Basically... my hosting account was trying to send locally to itself, but our email couldn't receive it because it was "external" (using the GoDaddy Workspace Email).

By setting the "Remote Mail Exchanger" option, and deleting the MX record for just the hosting account... using PHP mail () with our smtp server, and a full email address and password worked.
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