[2.1.1] Messages: Editing issues after posting 2nd reply

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[2.1.1] Messages: Editing issues after posting 2nd reply

Postby BaneD » 14.01.2016, 10:56

Hi everyone,

I have started using Collabtive recently and so far I like it.

I am a bit confused with the intention of messages, they might have been intended to be used for something else, but I saw them as "Notes", which is something that I need in order to keep everything in one place and post comments on the same for possible improvements, opinions, etc.

Now, what happened is that I added a message. Later on I came back to the same and replied to the message so that I can continue with my note and have it recorded what I added each day. All was good so far. The issue started when I added the 2nd reply to the original message. As soon as I did that and tried editing any of them, I would get a white page (as if no resources were loaded) which shows a plain textarea with tinymce html elements of the message.

I have created a quick demo on a test project and made a screen capture of the same. Unfortunately it seems that webm extension is not allowed and since file is of 434.9 kB in size, as such I have uploaded it to my box.com account so you can check it out here: https://app.box.com/s/6sqcxwvybu6i6z40cjsbndlsmgl57m1i

*For those not familiar with webm extension, it is for web movie so opening it in browser or within the video player should play it for you.

Now since I am new here and some might prefer the written steps instead here they are:
1. Create a message
2. create a reply to the same message
* If you try to edit this reply everything loads properly
3. create second reply to the original message
* try to edit it and nothing works right, but now it does not work for the second message neither any more..

URL When editing the 2nd reply: ../managemessage.php?action=editform&mid=18&id=7

I did make some changes to the managemessage.php but the changes include only the changes in the email content so lines from 88 to 91 and 232 to 235 hold the range of my edits - which do not cause this. The changes are to remove the $text and re-word the subject since I did not want the content to be passed within the emails - just to have it on Collabtive.

Hope this helps, but if you have any additional questions in regards to this, just let me know :)

PS: My name is Branislav, but close friends and family call me Bane and my last name starts with D hence the nickname :)
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Re: [2.1.1] Messages: Editing issues after posting 2nd reply

Postby Philipp » 15.01.2016, 01:40

Thank you for all your input :)

Messages were designed as a notes kind of feature.
They need more development to be more useful, and it will be one focus of upcoming releases.

I will look into the bug you reported and provide a fix as soon as possible.
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Re: [2.1.1] Messages: Editing issues after posting 2nd reply

Postby BaneD » 15.01.2016, 02:38

Thank you Philipp.

Do let me know if you need anything from my side and I do want to say: great work on the Collabtive so far :)

I was surprised to see that the uploaded files were encrypted - that was and is a big ++ for me :ugeek:

See you on forum :)
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