No more notification email

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No more notification email

Postby NTKG » 10.02.2016, 22:45

Hello everybody,

I'm coming here because I encounter a strange issue : I do not receive any notification email anymore while I did not change any setting. I handle two intranet with exactly the same config and the same problem appears on both intranet concomitantly.

Here is the config:

Sender e-mail: domain_name@localhost.ovh.net
Sender name:domain_name
Method:PHP mail ()
SMTP username:
SMTP password:

(three last fields are left empty)

I've tried several type of notifications, I've tried different web-browsers, I've also turned off/on the sender "Status". No change. This is strange since I got absolutely no error message, everything seems just fine except no email is sent.

Even stranger, as I said, this was working perfectly fine for more than 24 months and the problem appears suddenly without any intervention from me.

Any idea ? How should I proceed to fix this ?

Thanks in advance to all of you for your kind help

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