[2.1.1] [Mobile Web App] Timetracker

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[2.1.1] [Mobile Web App] Timetracker

Postby Cranial » 11.02.2016, 05:18

Hi, first of all, sorry for spamming the forum. Thought it was better to separate issues.

The Mobile Web App is working well, just a couple of minor issues.

1. When inputting an item into TimeTracker there is no date input. This is necessary for the way Collabtive is being used by the staff. Is this by design?

2. On Mobile version, when going into a project, there is no "Timetracker" tab like there is in the desktop version. Is this also by design or can it be turned on somehow?

Thank you,

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Re: [2.1.1] [Mobile Web App] Timetracker

Postby Cranial » 17.10.2016, 01:12


The mobile web app is playing up and I don't have time to fix it right now. What's the best way to temporarily disable it?
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Re: [2.1.1] [Mobile Web App] Timetracker

Postby Eva » 18.10.2016, 09:47

The freshly released Collabtive 3.0 allows for plugins to be disabled via the system administration and brings lots of other improvements.
As an existing customer, you're entitled to a 50% discount on the updated plugin package you bought earlier.
If you're interested in an upgrade, please contact us via mail: collabtive@o-dyn.de

Alternatively you may comment out some of the last lines of init.php:

$detectmobile = new detectmobile();
if ($detectmobile->isMobile())
$template->template_dir = CL_ROOT . "/templates/mobile/";
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