Using Jquery conflicts

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Using Jquery conflicts

Postby onda » 12.04.2016, 12:53

After the adding of certain scripts that use Jquery, I've noticed that certain functions such as datepicker and toggle have stopped working, any ideas?
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Re: Using Jquery conflicts

Postby Philipp » 13.04.2016, 23:06

Jquery will cause issues.
Thats because Collabtive uses prototype.js in many places.
prototype.js provides many of the same functionalities jquery does, but is not compatible with jquery.

It is strictly not advised to use any jquery in Collabtive.

For Collabtive 3.0 i am currently actively working on re-writing a lot of the JS components of Collabtive.
One goal of this is to not depend on prototype.js anymore.

You can follow this development at github
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