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Task title not showing in Activity dropdown

PostPosted: 19.04.2016, 23:48
by Wroth

Reporting a minor bug. Installed Collabtive today, noticed some oddities in the Project Activity accordion area.

Mainly that the title of a Task does not show up when it has an activity entry. Other events, like adding milestones or files, show properly with a title in the strong tag within div.toggle-in, but when it is a Task this strong tag is always blank... This is in Collabtive version 2.1. I checked the demo build, and there are instances of the problem on there as well, so it is reproducible and not limited to my installation.

I've had other, probably related issues. Such as font sizes in the Activity area being slightly inconsistent. As well as the content of a task activity being the first couple of lines of the task's description leaking through. Hoping fixing the title will fix these also.

Re: Task title not showing in Activity dropdown

PostPosted: 20.05.2016, 06:26
by Philipp
Fixed for next release.

Here the relevant diff: ... 631b36e0a8