Replies to replies in Messages area

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Replies to replies in Messages area

Postby Wroth » 20.04.2016, 00:18


Reporting what is not so much a bug, but a situation that can occur to easily make message replies not show on the main message thread.

If a user is notified to a reply to a Message through email, and follows the link in email to view the reply, that user is then able to write a reply to that reply directly. This does not count as a reply to the original message, and the reply to the reply is not listed on the thread of the main message.

Clicking the name of a reply on the main message thread does not open that reply directly, the way it does when you click the name of a message from the main Messages page. This reply to a reply will be unavailable unless you have a notification link to see it, since no other link to it is shown from the main thread and you can't open replies from the main thread. You can also find the reply to a reply through search in the sidebar, obviously that is not ideal.

This could be a significant problem as replies spiral to each other but there is no way to navigate them.

Perhaps the simplest solution would be to change the link given in the notification email, link to the parent message and not the reply? That would prevent replies to replies, and keep everything on the thread properly. If you have any tips on the best way I could edit the code to make this change that would be appreciated.
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Re: Replies to replies in Messages area

Postby Eva » 23.04.2016, 11:49

Thank you for the hint! We will look into this.
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Re: Replies to replies in Messages area

Postby Wroth » 25.04.2016, 23:03

Thanks for having a look at it. Ultimately a threaded view on a message's reply section so you can see nested replies would be ideal, but I'm sure that is a lot of work to build so might not be possible to provide in an update anytime soon.

Meanwhile my workaround was to edit the email sent on a reply notification. Found in managemessage.php around line 236, I changed the url an email features from a link to the reply,


To a link to the message tab for that project,


Ideally I would want the url to instead be the parent message of the reply's thread, not the message tab. This was as close as I could get, since I could not see any tracking of a replies parent so could not pull that data into a new url.

For me the most important thing was to prevent replies being too deep and becoming inaccessible. This work around is imperfect certainly, but at lest it prevents users from replying to replies from email links [I think they can still get to a reply from the search feature and reply there, but that is a low risk].
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