Bug: Edit reply button loads isolated form

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Bug: Edit reply button loads isolated form

Postby Wroth » 05.05.2016, 01:07


Reported what I think is a bug. If you are looking at a Message which has a reply, and you want to edit the reply, if you click the pencil icon on the reply you are taken to a new page which is an isolated unformatted form.

Expected behavior was it would work like the pencil icon towards the top of the main message. Looks like the broken icon has a real link as the href, instead of by comparison the pencil icon by the top of the main message which has a voided href and an onclick event.

Reproducible on the Collabtive demo installation as well as my own. Test case on the demo, http://collabtive.o-dyn.de/demo/managemessage.php?action=showmessage&mid=1038&id=5426 [assuming no user deletes it before you can test it]. To reproduce the bug, attempt to edit the 'Test Reply' with the pencil icon, it does not matter if the reply is expanded or not both produce the error.


I was expecting a drop down interface for the reply editing, like the main message has. If that is too much work to provide, then maybe instead of linking to a form on it's own, the pencil should link to the reply's own message page and open the drop down interface there?

I.e., Instead of linking here,


it should link here,


With the reply interface showing when it loads?


Thanks for your attention. :)
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Re: Bug: Edit reply button loads isolated form

Postby Eva » 11.05.2016, 23:16

Thanks for the bug report!
We'll look into this and try to fix it for the next release.
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Re: Bug: Edit reply button loads isolated form

Postby Philipp » 20.05.2016, 06:35

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