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Collabtive is orphan in Debian

PostPosted: 19.06.2016, 01:34
by renato.rdg
Hi there!

I'm here to ask for help due to collabtive package is orphan in Debian system. You can see message here:

Thank you if can help Debian community.

PS: I'm getting blank screen related to a problem with HTMLPurifier acconding this apache2 error.log:
...PHP Fatal error: Class 'HTMLPurifier_Bootstrap' not found in /usr/share/php/HTMLPurifier.autoload.php on line 11

Thank you again!

Re: Collabtive is orphan in Debian

PostPosted: 25.06.2016, 21:11
by Eva
Thanks for your hint. Didn't know about this yet.
We are very grateful to Gunnar for introducing Collabtive into Debian in 2010 and for mainaining it all these years.
Hopefully a new maintainer can be found.