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Role Permissions

PostPosted: 13.08.2016, 06:03
by obluk
I want to create a role like user, but under files, I just want them to be able to Add files. The roles imply this could be done, but I have to check both View and Add or the file option is not displayed on their interface. Is there a way to just allow them to add files but not see any of them, or would that have to be a custom plugin?

Re: Role Permissions

PostPosted: 15.08.2016, 13:29
by Eva
The way this is implemented assumes that being able to "View" files (or other elements) is a prerequisite for any of the other actions like e.g. "Add" or "Delete").
However, developing this as a custom plugin wouldn't be too hard.

We'd be happy to help with this. Get in touch, if you're interested: :)