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[3.0] managetask.php accordion is not closing

PostPosted: 27.11.2016, 08:48
by hiorti
On managetask.php once an arrow-down to the right side of a task is clicked the task accordion is opened/collapsed, and the arrow-down changes to arrow-up. Logically I am thinking that once the arrow-up is clicked the task should close. However, it is not closing up. Is this a bug or is this how it should be?

BTW - Project Tasklists accordion has the same issue of not closing.

Tested on: Chrome and IE.



P.S. - Actually I plan to heavily use this, so I try to better understand the overall construction of the coding, and I would gladly put some time to resolve the bugs that I come across and share it in the forum or via PM.

Re: [3.0] managetask.php accordion is not closing

PostPosted: 06.12.2016, 09:40
by Eva
This works the way it's intended to. So, yes, it's not a bug, it's a feature :)