Trying to update and getting blank screen

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Trying to update and getting blank screen

Postby JodieB » 12.04.2017, 18:53

I have been trying to update to 3.0.1 but all I am getting is a blank screen even Install.php is blank. There are no errors in the log either.
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Re: Trying to update and getting blank screen

Postby ccfv » 26.04.2017, 15:27

I cannot login to any account since a few days. It might be related to your issue.
Basically, both Chrome and Firefox did something that blocks certain commands and collabtive is impacted.
Microsoft Edge being a mess, I don't even bother with it anymore.

My solution was to install (and desactivate its auto-update function) Mozilla Firefox ESR 45, into a different folder.
Then I create a link on the desktop (send to -> Desktop on the firefox.exe in the ESR directory). I modify that link with adding my collabtive server address.
Typically: "c:\FirefoxESR\firefox.exe" ""

Since then, I'm able to login.
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Re: Trying to update and getting blank screen

Postby Philipp » 22.05.2017, 17:27

I will investigate.
For me Collabtive seems to be working well with recent browser versions
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