[3.1.0] Admin can't see all projets

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[3.1.0] Admin can't see all projets

Postby tkramer » 04.10.2017, 17:33

The admin role can't see all projects. Why? And how create a role to manager or auto assign admin to all?
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Re: [3.1.0] Admin can't see all projets

Postby Eva » 12.10.2017, 00:17

What you describe is indeed an intended behaviour of the software. Eyeryone - including admins - only sees the projects they belong to / are a member of.

But for an admin it's possible to assign themselves to any project. Just go to the administration -> project administration area, open the accordeon slide for the project (tiny arrow icon), and check your username in the list of all users. Submit the form.
That should do the trick.

There is no feature to automatically assign each admin to each project, but this can be done with a relatively simple code modification. If you want us to do this for you, please send us a mail to collabtive@o-dyn.de
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