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Re: some probs

Postby Philipp » 30.01.2008, 13:47

when i open: root_dir/manageproject.php?action=showproject&id=2 i get
Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in root_dir/include/class.mylog.php on line 91
and if i add some time-marks in the calendar, the calendar thing disappears from this page (check screenshot included)

when i try to change the language used by your app i cant, all i can do is delete the file manually and then it is set to de, but when i try to change it again by selecting other language from within the confing page it changes nothing, any ideas why?

You seem to have some terrible problem with the database.
Because... many queries (like setting a log entry, changing the locale) don't seem to work properly.
Was the install.php script finished without errors ?

What is your server setup?
Please note that Collabtive was build to run on a recent LAMP Stack, that is: Linux , Apache (2), MySQL 4 , PHP 5.1 (or higher)

Are you sure that you entered the correct access data to your database during installation ?
Please check config.php in the root directory, if there are the correct db host, db user, db pw and db name set.

why the project field on the page: manageproject.php?action=showproject&id=2 is sooo long it takes almost whole page (screenshot attached)?

This shouldn't be the case.
Have a look here: http://sourceforge.net/project/screensh ... _id=208413

This is what it should look like

the second thing, polish language file looks like it was translated by 6 years old kid or automatic translator, i will translate it properly and send you back

Well... i guess i really have to apologize for this one. :oops:
No one in our team is a native polish speaker. The language files was contributed by someone and , as no one of us speaks polish, we weren't able to really check it... so we relied on the assumption that the original contributor translated it correctly.

I would be really glad to receive an updated language file from you here in the forums, or at info@o-dyn.de
I will surely include it in the upcoming version 0.3 of Collabtive.
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Re: some probs

Postby Philipp » 30.01.2008, 14:07

wxx wrote:Hi,
i have the apache 2.2 with mysql 4 hosted on linux, and there were no errors during the setup/install process,
data in the config file looks correct for me as there are the tables created by your script present in the database.

Should be fine.
do you have any other idea?

To be honest: no, not without further investigation on the actual system.
I'd need some kind of access to your server system (FTP , Database, Web) to further diagnose and figure what the failure really arises from.
If you like to supply me with those, i would be glad to do some bughunting - because such problems are always interesting to me (to avoid them in the future...). If so, feel free to email me (info@o-dyn.de)
If you don't like to do that , for security concerns or something like that, i can totally understand and accept that either.

ps. i will mail you poilsh trans till the end of this week.

That would be really cool, as it would be just in time for the "string freeze" to the upcoming 0.3 release which is due next week.

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