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Guidelines for posting Bug reports / problems

PostPosted: 14.09.2008, 22:01
by Philipp
Hi there,

here's a small guide on how to post bugreports and other requests for help.

1. Prefix your post with [<version>]
This is useful to quickly asses to which version of Collabtive a post applies.
So when your post refers to Collabtive 0.4.8 it should look like this:

[0.4.8] My problem

2. Choose a descriptive topic line
Please try to mention which feature or part of Collabtive you apply to.
Please don't use headlines like "problem" , or "i need help" .

3. Give as much information as possible
It greatly helps others to identify what your problem actually is, if you give as much information as possible.

Useful information includes:

  • Collabtive Version
  • Web server (+ Version)
  • Web browser (+ Version)
  • PHP Version
  • MySQL Version
  • Feature or part of Collabtive affected
  • Steps to reproduce the error or problem
  • Error messages or warnings