LDAP configuration, for Collabtive version 3.1

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LDAP configuration, for Collabtive version 3.1

Postby wwwilliam » 24.04.2018, 02:24

I share, the development made so that Collabtive 3.1 (Latest Version), to authenticate users with the LDAP.

1- Perform the corresponding configuration so that PHP allows the LDAP connection.

You create an info.php document and save it with the following code:

<? php phpinfo (); ?>

2- In the information that is shown, you must validate that ldap is enabled, in case it does not exist you must configure it in the PHP options.

3- Copy and paste the files (Attachments) in the root folder of your Collabtive installation:

ldap.php Validate the connection with LDAP, if your domain allows anonymous authentication, do not configure user on line 3 of the code, otherwise, add the granted domain credentials. Ejm:

function mailboxpowerloginrd ($ user = 'XXXX', $ pass = 'XXXXX') {

config.php Define LDAP connection, Domain and DN of users

4- Replace the following files:

manageruser.php The configuration is added, for the validation of the LDAP forms
/include/class.user.php Authentication (login) is modified

5- Enjoy your LDAP configuration.
Remember that this development allows users to authenticate to an LDAP directory, it does not feed the user table of th
LDAP Collabtive
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