Change the start date for a project?

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Change the start date for a project?

Postby paladine » 02.03.2008, 21:44


I need to change the start date for a project to a date in the past (a project that was already started before the software was installed). Is there an easy way to do this? I would also need to add tasks/tasklists and milestone which were completed before the software was installed.

I was wondering if it would just be a case of changing the start date in the database for the project, then changing the date on the webserver so I can add the relevant tasks/tasklists and milestones to the project, mark them as complete and then change the date back to the correct date on my webserver.


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Re: Change the start date for a project?

Postby Philipp » 02.03.2008, 22:50


normally the "start" date of an object is the date when it was entered.

If you wish to change this, you need to change it in the database directly.
Just put the desired UNIX Timestamp for the startdate in the start field of the appropriate object (project / task / milestone).

Setting back the server clock should work , too.
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