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Collabtive file manager improvements preview

Postby Philipp » 16.03.2012, 16:34

I have already implemented some of the improvements for Collabtive 0.7.6

One of the focus areas for 0.7.6 will be the file manager.
Therefore i have made a video showing some of the improvements to the file manager that will be in 0.7.6

Improvements made are:
+ Files can now be moved up in the folder hierarchy by dragging them onto the "folder up" icon / titlebar
+ Display the complete path of the folder in the add folder ("Parent folder") and add file ("folder") forms, instead of just the foldernames
+ Display the complete path in the titlebar of the file manager, instead of just the current folder
+ Filemanager can now be switched between Gridview (default) and listview (new)

Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNuipIlx0FM
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