templates_c does not exist or is not writeable

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templates_c does not exist or is not writeable

Postby victordph » 02.05.2015, 01:29


I've uploaded the last version of Collabtive (2.1.1) on my Apache/2.4.6 Webserver (php/5.4.16 and MariaDB/5.5.41) on Centos7 and tried to open the install.php in my brower (latest firefox), but I only get the error message "Required folder templates_c does not exist or is not writable. Please create the folder or make it writable in order to proceed". The templates_c folder exists and is writable (chmod 777). Please, someone could help me?.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: templates_c does not exist or is not writeable

Postby ChristianF » 05.05.2015, 10:41


Depending upon what user your web server is running under (default www-data) you can try this as root:
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$ chgrp -R www-data {COLLAB_ROOT}
$ chmod -R 775 {COLLAB_ROOT}/templates

This will transfer group ownership to the web-server's default user group, and then give write access to the owner (you) as well as the group (web server). While not exposing the write-permissions to the folder to everyone on the server.

If that doesn't help, please post the output of the following command:
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$ ls -al {COLLAB_ROOT}

Replace all above occurrences of {COLLAB_ROOT} with the root folder of your Collabtive installation.
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